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Creating honest reviews of products on your blog is one of the best ways to attract highly-targeted traffic from the search engines and then convert these visitors into affiliate commissions and advertiing dollars.

The problem with “product review” articles though is getting hold of the products in the first place. Either you have to spend considerable sums of money upfront buying the items you want to review, rely on the products you already own as a result of your own consumer purchases or try to borrow products off friends and family.

None of these is ideal. Fortunately there is another way to achieve the same result and in this article we’re going to look at exactly how to get free products to review on your blog so you not only have a constant supply of new products to feature but you also save your cash along the way.

Setting Up Your Website To Get Free Products To Review

Generally speaking when it comes to the subject of how to get free products to review on your blog the higher profile your blog is the easier you’ll find it to get products to review. This makes perfect sense of course because retailers and manufacturers only have so many free products they can give away so it typically makes most sense to give them away to the bloggers and website owners with the greatest reach. In this way they can get the maximum results possible from their giveaways.

This means that a key step in how to get free products to review is to make your website highly visible by actively promoting it in the search engines, by guest posting on high-traffic blogs in your niche and by building your social network such as on Twitter and Facebook.

When you look like an authority – like an opinion-former who has access to a lot of potential customers for a product or service – you’ll gind it far easier to get free products to review on your blog.

Furthermore with enough visibility you will often find these opportunities coming to you rather than you having to go and seek them out. Over the years I lose track of how many freebies I have received in the hope of a review due simply to having a highly visible website and by making it easy for companies to get in touch with me.

Where To Find Free Products To Review On Your Site

While a well-marketed site will receive offers of free products from time to time, if you’re serious about how to get free products to review on your blog or website then there are a number of resources worth taking advantage of which will enable you to be far more proactive in requesting free products.


Sign up for free with Tomoson and you will have the opportunity to receive all sorts of free consumer products to review on your site. The majority of the opportunities available are targeted towards the US market and many have prerequisites in terms of your Alexa ranking, Twitter followers or Facebook fans. However there are opportunities available for virtually anyone here including international bloggers and what’s more it’s absolutely free to get involved in the community.


BookSneeze focuses purely on providing free books for you to review and covers both physical books and ebooks. Once again it’s free to register and you’ll receive a constant supply of new books to read and review on your website.

Blogger LinkUp

One feature of the Blogger LinkUp community is that it provides an option for product creators and sellers to offer up free products to other community members so they can review the product on their blog thus helping the provider of the free products to gain extra visibility among his or her potential customers.

Contacting Companies Directly

This is probably the most powerful technique of all when it comes to how to get free products to review but it comes with a warning. While anyone willing to contact enough companies will no doubt ending up receiving a few products from time to time, if you want to get some real results you need to know exactly what you’re doing.

Robb Sutton launched a mountain biking blog and succeeded in getting over $100,000-worth of free products to review in just his first 12 months of blogging so he really knows what he’s talking about. Read more about how Robb managed this impressive feat here.

Have you managed to get free products to review on your site? What did you get and how did you go about getting those freebies? Please leave me a comment below with your experiences…