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Without significant traffic arriving at your website on a regular basis you’ll never achieve your goal of quitting your job and going “full time” on the internet. We all know about the various online methods for targeted website traffic generation but one traffic-generating technique often ignored is the use of offline niche marketing.

As of late offline marketing may have had it’s name tarnished a little bit with all the “sell local web design and SEO services” products coming out but by offline niche marketing I’m not talking about having to plaster business cards around your area, cold-call businesses or set up a market stall.

I’m talking about marketing your niche websites – which are monetized through affiliate marketing and selling adverts – using offline methods. A way to build your trust, your authority, your name and – most important of all – your profits.

Go Where Your Target Audience Is

There is a phrase that if you want to get rich you should stand near a “money pipe” and the same can be said for targeted website traffic generation. You basically want to figure out where your perfect target audience is hanging out and then find a way to let them know about your website.

We know your perfect audience uses the search engines like everyone else which is why SEO works. We know they’re on Facebook which is why Facebook marketing works. And we know they’re visiting other websites and blogs in your niche which is why guest blog posting and so on work so well.

But they’re *also* reading a stack of magazines and newsletters on a regular basis. Even better they’ve probably *paid money* for these publications so you know they’re highly passionate about whatever niche you are in and furthermore there can be hundreds or even thousands of people reading every single edition.

I spy opportunity.

Even better, just like in the online world it seems that while paid advertising will get you some eyeballs your website won’t receive as much attention as it does when you write an article that links to your site. In essence we’re talking about “offline guest posting” – writing a juicy, interesting and original article with a bio file that links back to your website with a benefits-laden bio file that gives readers of your article a reason to visit your site.

A free ebook, some free software, further articles on a closely-related topic or a useful resource list that relates directly to the content of your article can all do the trick of encouraging your visitors to fire up their browsers and hit your site.

And they’re all free and super-easy to put together. As is writing and submitting an article for offline publication. Ooh goody – free traffic!

How To Succeed With Offline Guest Posting

Getting published in a high-circulation magazine like Mens Health or Cosmopolitan would be lovely. Thousands of eyeballs means lots of potential traffic but unfortunately magazines like this are bombarded daily by freelance writers submitting articles so the chances of someone like you or me being successful here is slim. Possible but slim.

Personally just in the same way that I look for “low hanging fruit” keywords to target in the search engines I also want to stand the greatest chance of getting my articles published because ten articles each published in newsletters that get 500 readers is better than one article that doesn’t get published at all.

And that’s also a potential 5000 real-life visitors to your site who have prequalified themselves as targeted website traffic by actually paying for a subscription to the magazines they read.

So where do you find the “low hanging fruit” in the offline publishing world? Quite simply you look for either privately-published club newsletters or those put out by charities.

I am a member of literally dozens of niche magazines and newsletters that you’ll never see for sale in the news agent – yet they all have hundreds if not thousands of readers and most of them desperately request articles in each edition because their hard-working (and often unpaid) staff simply don’t have the time or the ideas to create enough content to fill their newsletter.

So not only can you drive targeted website traffic to your site for free but you can also help out a number of charities in their niche to keep running and keep their supporters entertained and – well – supportive.

Sounds like a win-win situation to me.

The all-seeing Google is a great place to research these niche offline newsletters. Type in your broad niche (“fitness”, “exercise” or “weight loss” for example) together with phrases like “charity”, “society”, “club”, “association”, “not for profit” or “newsletter” and you will normally turn up quite a list in even very narrow niches.

Each of these is a potential target for you to contact. Of course most in the offline world have never heard of a guest post so just contact them asking if you can submit an information-rich article for inclusion in their newsletter and I think you’ll be quite surprised at the number of newsletters with a significant readership who welcome you with open arms and help you to quickly grow your targeted website traffic for free.