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Creative Commons License photo credit: eddale

On April 19th this year Ed Dale, well-known Australian internet marketer and all-round good-guy, posted the following tweet to his 45,000 Twitter followers:

ed dale

That little link at the end points straight to my article about Fiverr which I published here on Lifestyle Design Unleashed recently.

Now, as calls to action go there was no real benefit for any of Ed’s followers to click on the link. He didn’t promise any freebie, any exciting new time-saving or money-saving service. Just an intriguing link to a resource Ed thought his followers might find useful.

And the result?


Over the next 48 hours that one single tweet by Ed sent my little article 684 unique visitors. What was even more surprising was that Ed doesn’t even know who I am. I’m a nobody to him. I’ve never contacted him in the past and as far as I’m aware he doesn’t read this blog or follow me on Twitter.

But somehow he found my article and posted it out. I tried contacting Ed directly to find out how he discovered my article but unfortunately he never got back to me. My assumptionis that Ed has a Google Alert set up for the word “Fiverr” but really your guess is as good as mine. 

(As a sneaky side-note I have deliberately included both Ed’s name and the word “Fiverr” in the title of this article just to see if Ed manages to catch wind of this post!)

The real take-home here is that Twitter can send significanttraffic if you have a sizable, highly-engaged following. It can equally send a lot of new visitors if someone else with a healthy following tweets about your site.

If you’re not yet on Twitter then my own experiences over the last few months suggest that you’d be wise to do so. Not only can you derive significant traffic from the experience but it’s also a fantastic networking tool. I have connected recently with a number of like-minded, fantastically-inspiring people thanks to Twitter and I’ve also had a number of invites to beta test out new books and software which I will be telling you more about in the near future.

Oh, and if you’re already on Twitter then follow me for some interesting conversations and the most helpful, interesting and profitable resources as I find them in real time. I’m at http://www.twitter.com/richardnadams – get over there now and hit that follow button :-)