easyazon review - amazon wordpress plugin

EasyAzon is a new Amazon WordPress plugin created by affiliate marketer Chris Guthrie. I have been lucky enough over the last few weeks to be able to extensively test the EasyAzon plugin after Chris invited me to be one of his beta testers and so I thought it might prove beneficial for other Amazon affiliates if I reveal exactly what the EasyAzon Amazon WordPress plugin is all about as well as providing an honest “nuts and bolts” EasyAzon review for anyone that is considering purchasing this new WordPress plugin.

What Is EasyAzon?

EasyAzon is a WordPress plugin designed purely for those of us who make money from Amazon’s affiliate program. Whilst there is good money to be made from Amazon’s associate program there are a few “niggles” that mean it isn’t the easiest affiliate program around to promote.

The purpose of EasyAzon is to rectify these problems making it easier to add Amazon affiliate links to your WordPress-powered niche sites and blogs as well as providing powerful functionality to increase your affiliate sales.

A Review Of The Main EasyAzon Features

EasyAzon has two main features at present – one which will save you time and the other of which will help increase your profits. Let’s take a look at each of these in turn.

Adding Amazon Affiliate Links To Your WordPress Blog

Typically when you want to add an affiliate link to an article on your site you would need to complete the following steps:

1) Log into your Amazon affiliate account
2) Use the product search feature to bring up the specific product you want to link to
3) Select what type of link you want to include on your page (text, image or a combination of the two)
4) Copy the HTML code given by the Amazon associate program
5) Paste this into your WordPress post and edit as necessary before publishing your article

It works, but it’s slow. For the purposes of our EasyAzon review, here’s how it works with this new Amazon WordPress plugin:

1) While writing your article in WordPress, simply enter a keyword into the search box to immediately bring up relevant products from within your WordPress blog
2) Select what type of link you want to include on your page (text, image or a combination of the two)
3) Click the button to automatically insert the link into your article then publish it

In short you can now grab affiliate links for any Amazon product from within WordPress in a matter of moments without needing to log into your Amazon associates account and without dealing with any code. It therefore makes adding Amazon affiliate links much quicker and easier than doing it without. Which means you can publish more articles in a shorter time.

Increasing Your Amazon Affiliate Commissions

One of my many niche websites promotes filters for koi ponds. Yes, I know it’s quite a small niche but these pumps can be pretty expensive so the commissions make it worthwhile. But here’s the problem…

While lots of my visitors come from the States, a decent percentage come from other countries. Just look at this breakdown from my Google Analytics account to give you a better idea:

amazon wordpress plugin

Sure, most of my visitors come from the States as shown by the dark green color, but what about all those visitors from other countries represented by the lighter green?

If my affiliate links point to Amazon.com then it’s unlikely anyone outside of the USA will actually bother ordering a filter. The currency conversion and the costs of shipping mean they probably won’t bother ordering. The result? Lost affiliate commissions.

The thing I’m most excited to tell you about in this EasyAzon review is that this Amazon WordPress plugin has a geotargeting feature which will automatically work out where each visitor comes from. It will then “swap” your affiliate links so that visitors from the UK will be given links to Amazon.co.uk, those from the US will be sent to Amazon.com and so on. Each visitor gets taken to their own local version of Amazon meaning a significant increase in your affiliate sales – and bottom line as a result.

In other words, EasyAzon makes it easy to increase your affiliate sales.

So how does this geotargeting really work? Well Amazon uses an internal “numbering” system for it’s products. When the plugin works out where a visitor is coming from it finds the equivalent product from that country’s version of Amazon and send them there – all without you having to do anything.

The Benefits Of EasyAzon

Over the last few weeks I have been testing the EasyAzon Amazon WordPress plugin on a number of different WordPress-powered sites that I own to help me quickly create articles laced with Amazon affiliate links. During that time I have been able to really see what the plugin is capable of in a “real world” scenario on live sites and so below you will find a list of the EasyAzon features that really caught my attention.

Unlimited License

One key feature worth pointing out in my EasyAzon review is that unlike a number of other “premium” WordPress plugins on the market you can install EasyAzon on all of the WordPress-powered sites that you own. There’s no need at all to pay for a license for every site you want to use it on and so this makes it really good value for money. For niche marketers like me with dozens of websites this one small purchase can be used on all your sites for a rapid return on investment.

Ease Of Installation

EasyAzon installs in a matter of moments like most WordPress plugins. Thereafter you simply need to visit the single configuration page (shown below) in order to add some basic details. All you need to do is to add your various Amazon affiliate ID’s (for all the different country-related versions of Amazon you want to promote) – all of which are easily found within your Amazon associates control panel.

These details only need to be entered once and thereafter the only reason to log into your Amazon affiliate account will be to check your sales as everything else can now be done from within WordPress.

In other words this Amazon WordPress plugin can be installed, configured and ready-for-use within 5-10 minutes of downloading it – it really is that easy to set up.

Extensive Testing

Chris has put a lot of effort into testing this plugin and I personally have it installed on close to a dozen sites of mine. These sites have different themes and plugins installed on them and are in different niches and yet EasyAzon has behaved itself perfectly during testing.

Too often I have bought a WordPress plugin and tried to use it only to find out that it is incompatible with some other essential plugin I’m using on a site. To date, no such issues have been found.

Speed Of Use

I love my Amazon affiliate commissions, and I also truly enjoy writing the content for my niche sites, but the one thing I always dreaded was messing around at the end adding all my affiliate links. Now, I now longer have this problem and adding my affiliate links couldn’t be any easier.

Accurate Search Features

Chris has put a lot of time into the search functionality of his Amazon WordPress plugin and I have always found the search results to be incredibly accurate. This is important because it makes it quick and simple to find the product you want to promote this further speeding up the process of adding your affiliate links.

Increased Affiliate Profits

I don’t want to go over this one again but in short I think the geotargeting element of the plugin is genius and should help anyone increase their affiliate profits.

The Downsides Of My EasyAzon Review

No product is perfect and Chris Guthrie’s plugin is no exception. Personally during testing while I love how quick and easy it is to add Amazon affiliate links to my articles and I’m literally in love with the geotargeting feature there are a couple of “limitations” at present.

The first of these is that I like external links from my sites to open in a new browser window so that if a visitor changes their mind, my site is still open for them to do some further browsing. With the current version of EasyAzon all your Amazon affiliate links open in the same browser window taking visitors away from your site.

Secondly there is currently no affiliate link “cloaking” feature which means that when you add an affiliate link it’s pretty obvious.

However realistically these are really only small niggles and having spoken to Chris about them, they’re both features pencilled in for future updates which customers will receive for free.

Who Should Buy Chris Guthrie’s Amazon Affiliate Plugin?

If you have yet to make a penny from the Amazon affiliate program then realistically it’s only fair to say in this EasyAzon review that the plugin we’ve been discussing isn’t going to take you from zero to hero overnight.

Equally though if you’re serious about the Amazon affiliate program and are really putting in the necessary time and effort to write good quality content and drive traffic to it then the EasyAzon Amazon WordPress plugin is going to not only save you a ton of time and effort but also has the very real potential to significantly boost your income.

I don’t believe it’s an essential tool – after all there are people making five-figure incomes without it – but I do believe that it offers enough benefits to be well worth the investment for anyone serious about their Amazon associate commissions.

For the price Chris is currently asking, I think the plugin is a huge bargain and I strongly recommend you take a closer look at EasyAzon today.