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I have been hearing for years about the benefits of promoting physical products through Amazon. Apparently while cookie times are short (just 24 hours) and commissions are reasonably low, by applying the right marketing techniques response rates can be incredibly high.

Many months ago I wrote a review of a product I am familiar with and decided to add a few Amazon links to their product page incase anyone wanted to get any further information about the product. While I haven’t done any marketing of that page whatsoever, and it’s on a very low-traffic site, last month I saw my first affiliate commission from the article.

What is interesting, and has been backed up by numerous successful Amazon affiliates is that the customer didn’t just buy one product – they bought five closely-related ones. In other words Amazon are the kings of upsells and add-on sales that can take a single potential sale and rapidly grow the number of products each customer buys – and by extension your affiliate commissions.

Both surprised and bouyed by this recently experience I recently spent quite some time looking into the ever-growing range of internet marketing courses and ebooks that focus on the “Amazon affiliate” model of promoting physical products.

There are so many products out there that making a decision about which is going to be best can be something of a challenge. In the end I bought several, read them carefully, and made a decision on which one I personally think has the greatest potential. That product is the Amazonian Profit Plan which is hype-free and written by two ladies who make a five figure income each month just from Amazon.

While other competing products on the market had some impressive-looking results the Amazonian Profit Plan for me stood head and shoulders above the others for a number of reasons:


Firstly as mentioned both the sales letter for the Amazonian Profit Plan and the actual ebook itself are quite refreshingly hype-free. The general impression is that these ladies know they have something special so there’s no need to go screaming about it. Personally I have felt during my dealings with them that I am being educated rather than sold to which is very pleasant indeed.

Matches My Own Experiences

While I may have only made a few Amazon sales myself so far it seems that the Amazonian Profit Plan makes a lot of sense. I can see similiarities between what I have done and what the ladies are doing, and I can also see from the ebook what I have been doing wrong all this time. This means that I personally have quite a degree of faith in their teachings as in my experience they really do add up.

Quality Rather Than Quantity

Rather than telling you to launch hundreds of minisites with thousands of poor quality articles covered in affiliate links the Amazonian Profit Plan takes a rather different view. The authors tell of their own experiences and how even a single article could replace your full-time day-job income if you get it right. So rather than focusing on huge amounts of content they instead concentrate on creating a far smaller amount of far higher quality content.

This too is refreshing and it’s nice to have a reason to really dig deep into a subject and take the time to write a small number of carefully constructed and genuinely useful articles that not only provide benefits to your visitors but also do a good job of converting prospects into customers.

This means if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t really like having to write tons of content (i.e. me!) then the Amazonian Profit Plan may be an excellent solution to your needs.

Detailed Instructions

The instructions in the Amazonian Profit Plan are very clear indeed. For me there were two aspects that really stood out – the advice on how to choose a product to promote (this was where I went wrong previously) and the information on how they construct their content for maximum results. Other topics covered include how to analyze your competitors, where to place your Amazon links, how to structure your website and how to increase your commission rate and so on.

The only minor element missing from the Amazonian Profit Plan is detailed information on building links however as most of us have at least a basic understanding of the process I agree with the authors that this is generally unecessesary.

This does, howeever, mean that the Amazonian Profit Plan may not be suitable for complete beginners. Ideally you have have at least some experience with building websites and basic SEO if you’re going to get some decent results from the ebook.

If you have this basic foundation then everything you could possibly need is laid out clearly and methodically in the ebook.

Proven Pedigree

Of course every ebook sales letter these days has a list of testimonials and proof of income. But the thing that helped to sway me about the effectiveness of this program is that there are numerous other independent reviews and Amazonian Profit Plan case studies online if only you have a search for them.

Previous customers who have tested out the system seem to have nothing but good things to say about it and with this in mind you can be confident of the potential rewards to implementing the strategies contained in the book.

So in short my own research to date suggests the Amazonian Profit Plan is currently the best guide for how to make money as an Amazon affiliate. So I thought that an Amazonian Profit Plan case study might be fun to do here on Lifestyle Design Unleashed.

So far I have selected a small number of products and I have also written reviews of these products just how you are told to in the ebook. Now all I need to do is to build some links to these reviews so that they start to see some traffic and the sales should start to come in.

Keep your eyes peeled over the forthcoming weeks and months as I update you on my progress and reveal as much information as possible about what has worked for me, the results I’m seeing having applied the concepts of the Amazonian Profit Plan and as a result whether my own experiences suggest you should consider this as a viable concept to apply to help you quit your day job and live the lifestyle of your dreams.