Creative Commons License photo credit: SuperFantastic

I’ll be honest. I’m out of shape. And I love a clearly-defined goal such as losing x amount of weight by a certain date rather than just “getting into shape”.

So having recently discovered the 7 Weeks To 100 Push Ups program I’ve decided I’m going to commit to this first fitness challenge. Assuming all goes well this will act as my first step into getting my physique back again and shifting those extra pounds.

Except I don’t have 7 weeks. I have about 6 and a half.

The reason is that my birthday is at the end of August which seems like a natural finish point to try and get up to 100 push ups by then.

The real benefits of the 7 Weeks To 100 Push-Ups program by Steve Spiers is of course that it is a program that can be easily done in the home with minimal time and no real investment of money so it’s an easy way to start getting back into shape.

Of course as a composite exercise, push-ups (or press ups) exercise a huge range of muscles in the body from your shoulders, chest, triceps and core meaning you get a whole-body workout with minimal investment of time. Even better, the book includes a range of “modifications” to the exercises being carried out so that if and when you hit the magic 100 push ups you can then do the program again if you like but focusing on different muscle groups.

As an example you can aim for 100 push ups with your hands splayed wide to work your chest more or with your hands very close together to work on your tripceps giving lots of possibilities and variety in the one simple program.

Keep your eyes peeled to see how I get on and to see whether I manage to get to 100 push-ups by my rapidly-approaching birthday.